These are some of my favorite blogs!


This is a blog by my friend and previous Zumba instructor, Kem. She had to move away because her hubby is a military man (USMC) and we all know how that is! So we keep up with each other via blogging now! Good times! She always has something interesting going on and she has a funny little dog (baby) named Paris!

Crunchy Betty

Of course Crunchy Betty was going to make the list. I loooooove Crunchy Betty. Take a look and you will understand why!

Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is one of those blogs I just love to look at because it is so pretty and so well written. There is always something new! Plus Ree has a super cute basset hound named Charlie, and we all know I am a sucker for doggies!

Proactive Bridesmaid

Stephanie from Proactive Bridesmaid is a fellow Arkansan. I am so glad I met her, as she has helped me immensely as a new blogger. She cooks wonderful things that I would never attempt to make in a million years!

Hyperbole and a Half

Hyperbole and a Half is probably one of the funnier blogs I have read! It has cartoon drawings and stories about dogs, which is right up my alley! It is quite on par with The Oatmeal. I really like them both and they always give me a good laugh!

Sarah Cattan Photography

You can read about how I met Sarah by clicking here!


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