About Me

Hi all! I’m a curly-haired southern girl with a big heart and a love for food, family, fitness, and all things happy. Sometimes I wonder why I’m here, but then I figure it doesn’t matter why just so long as I am.

This blog is essentially the story of my journey through college/life as a “non-traditional” student with a wonderful fiancé, a love for food, and a want for a happy life.

I spend my spare time drinking coffee, practicing zumba choreography, writing blog posts, reading fiction, studying at ASU, and watching outdated sitcoms on Netflix.

Some of my favorite things include warm sunny days, vitamins, “fried” pickles from Uppercrust, and pedicures. A few things I don’t like: being cold, when my foot falls asleep, and mushrooms.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Laura from La Vie Childfree here…I am doing some maintenance to my blog and still have a link to your childfree survey..are you still collecting info, or…?
    If not, I will take it off.
    What a great pic of you!
    Best, Laura

    • Hey Laura! Thank you for the kind words! The survey is still open because the last I checked, it still had not reached 100 responses. I will check again and let you know! If it has, I will be closing it out. If you need to remove the link from your blog, feel free to do so!

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