A & E

If you’ve been curious about E or about our story, feel free to peruse the following excerpt from our wedding site!

About Allie

Hey y’all!

I bet you want to know a little bit about me (because why else would you be looking at this page?), so here we go!

I’m a curly-haired southern girl with a big heart a love for people, fun, good food, and fitness. I spend much of my spare time drinking coffee with friends, writing blog posts, studying at ASU, and watching outdated sitcoms on Netflix.

I was born 21 years ago on December 28th in Florence, Alabama to Sandy Platz and Bobby Grisham.

The main man in my life until I met E was Clarence Platz, my mom’s husband and my #1 father figure.

I have 3 half-brothers, 2 step-brothers, and 2 step-sisters.

I am a student at Arkansas State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Some of my favorite things include warm sunny days, vitamins, “fried” pickles from Uppercrust Pizza Co., E and pedicures.

 About E

I’ve never met someone more outgoing and witty. E is the ideal man. He is tall, dark, and handsome. He can sing and play guitar. He can cook. His feet don’t even stink! (Ok, so I lied about that last bit…)

But seriously, E is the most amazing, loving, and accepting man I’ve ever met. I knew we were going to be a love story from the moment we met. (but we will get to that in a minute!)

He is kind and compassionate. Intuitive and curious. E never grew out of the “Why?” stage. He asks more questions than anyone I’ve ever met, but he also understands more.

His time is spent  working for Nettelton Public Schools and carrying a full load of classes at ASU.

E celebrates his birthday on November 6th.

He has one brother, Isaac.

Some of E’s favorite things include hot sauce, music, and reading for pleasure. He also enjoys teasing me and talking to his mom and grandma on the phone nightly.

How we met

E has been a fixture in my life since the moment we met.

At Andy’s Frozen Custard.


It was April 2009. I was 18 and approaching my high school graduation and E was 23 and working a second job to pull in a little more cash.

One night after we had closed up shop, I was singing along to a Fleetwood Mac song under my breath while shining the infinite expanse of stainless steel. As I walked to my car later that night, E came barreling out behind me saying that he had something to give me. He gave me a burned CD of Lindsay Buckingham Live at the Bass. I had no idea who Lindsay Buckingham even was, but I thanked him and proceeded to stick the CD in my car door and forget about it.

We were both dating other people.

Months later, I received a friend request on Facebook. E. I accepted and we began chatting. He asked me for my phone number and then called to ask me out.

Our first date was November, 22nd 2009.

The rest is history.

(http://alainaandezra.ourwedding.com/ —Our Wedding Page via The Knot)


Anything else you ever wanted to know (that I am willing to share, at least!) about myself and E can be found by following these links:

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New-Wed Mad Libs —Some posts, such as this one, detail some of our wedding and reception plans.

The Whole Story of My Relationship with E —The honest to Bob truth.


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