Further Thoughts on Being Vegan

(This was originally written on June 27th.)

It’s been 20 days since we started our vegan journey. My vegan journey. E claims he doesn’t call himself a “vegan”. He says he eats a “whole foods plant-based diet”. Quite a mouthful when someone asks…but it avoids the whole “vegan” connotation.

It hasn’t been too bad. I did eat meat the weekend when we visited our friends and went to Hot Springs. I also regretted it the next day when we went running and I felt like I was sweating bratwurst. Yuck!

I decided meat wasn’t that big of a draw for me anymore. I did however crave some dairy last weekend and I had some “fried” pickles with ranch and an amazing greek pizza that had feta. It was worth a cheat and I don’t feel particularly guilty.

My eating hasn’t been great this week and I will attribute that to general “woman” problems. (TMI?) 

Last night I had a PB&J and a glass (or two) of wine.

I’ve been super lethargic and lazy too. I’m not sure which one I have been more of…probably lazy.

I skipped zumba and my training session on Monday because I just wanted to sleep. I did go to zumba last night though and I’m going to do my best to meet my trainer this afternoon.

The heat is killing my willpower and it doesn’t help that our A/C is on the fritz. It’s been nearly 80 degrees in our apartment for the past week. Ugh. I guess it’s better than being outside where it’s been upwards of 100 degrees.

I’m sure I’ll appreciate anything I can get come Friday. The forecast predicts temperatures of 106 degrees not including the heat index and we are going to be at an outdoor concert in Southaven. Counting Crows again! (Yay!) That’s still too dang hot though and it’s really bringing me down!

Normally I wouldn’t complain about being hot because I hate being cold, but 106? Really?! Come on!

(Update: I haven’t eaten any meat since our weekend in Hot Springs but I have had dairy and eggs a few times. Also, I am over my bout of lethargy and have snapped back into the real world!)


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