Adventures in Hot Springs

Weekend before last, we spent some time with our good friends Matt & Kasey in Hot Springs!

The whole intent of the day trip to Hot Springs was firstly, to spend time with Matt & Kasey (obviously) and secondly, to go with them to visit the chapel where they are getting hitched!

We drove down to Conway (where they live) on Saturday morning (realllllly early) and met them and then we all rode to Hot Springs together.

The drive doesn’t seem nearly as long as usual when you’re having fun!

While we were in waiting on the chapel to clear out we went and had lunch at Cafe 1217, this awesome restaurant Matt’s mom recommended!

Cafe 1217

Mint Lemonade

Butternut squash quinoa burger



The food was amazing and we also really enjoyed the company!

Also, there was a giant bull outside the cafe!


After we ate an amazing lunch, we went to see the chapel.

It is beautiful and I know it will only look more lovely in October when my bestie is getting married!

After the real business was taken care of, we decided to park on the main strip and do some shopping exploring.

In Romancing the Stone we made friends with a gorilla:

I found some new shades:

We visited the Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We visited the Arlington:

And the boys had a some beer:

Kasey and I just goofed off:

I have “Moon Eyes” and she has “Asian Eyes”

But seriously:

There were monkeys painted on the walls:

It really is a beautiful historic building:

Kasey and I visited a book story called the Golden Leaves Book Store.

All their romance novels (think 20,000 or so) were reduced to $.09/book or 12/$1.

Naturally we picked 12 of the trashiest looking books we could find and bought them.

Later that night we blindly selected six apiece with the intent to read them and then switch!

We took a walk and played in the hot springs:

The water was realllllly hot!

Our boys!

We toured The Fordyce Bathhouse:

The cooling room was a very nice respite from the scorching sun!

In the gentlemen’s bathing room

Silly boys!

The Fordyce Spring! Sorry about the glare!

We went to a wine tasting at The Winery of Hot Springs:

After our tasting, we talked to the lady for a little while and Kasey & Matt decided to get their wine for their wedding from the winery!

We ate at The Brau Haus because Matt had been talking it up for over a year!

They have an amazing beer selection and the food is pretty good if you are into German food!

I had never eaten German food up to that point and I went into from being totally vegan for about 9 days before so it was a major shock to my system and is not something I would do again. However, please do not let that stop you if you want to try it! Matt & Kasey both love it!

Beer, anyone?

As a bonus:


Do we know how to roll, or what?!

Hope you enjoyed!


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