Vegan Recipes

These are the recipes we have tried this week:

All of these recipes are linked back to their original sources and I made some adaptations that you will find in parentheses below the links! Enjoy! (and don’t be afraid to try them just because they’re vegan! They’re good, I promise!)

Red Lentil Thai Chili

(E made this for dinner on Saturday! I normally do not like spicy foods, so this came as a surprise! It had red curry powder and I still liked it!!)

Vegan Reuben

(On this one, I used rye bread –be sure to check it’s credentials, it may not be vegan friendly– and omitted the mustard. When I mashed up the avocado, I also mixed in about 2 T of nooch to add a little cheesy flavor! I used Earth Balance Buttery Spread on the rye bread and cooked these grilled cheese-style with the avocado, sauerkraut, and sauce layered!)

Vegan Lasagna

(This one I don’t have a link for because we used two different recipes to make something we thought we would like! (and we did!) It will just have to be a post of it’s own someday!)

Sweet Potato Burritos

(I am trying to get E to make these again and take exact measurements so I can write a solo post. He cooks like he tells time, if that tells you anything!

This is how the conversation concerning this recipe went:

A: “How much do you think you used?”

E: “I don’t know, I didn’t measure.”

A: “If you had to guess?”

E: “More than a teaspoon, but less than a tablespoon.”

A: *deadpans*

So there you have it, I suppose only time will tell!)

Bean Balls & Zucchini-Spaghetti

(Total hit. I made my own pasta sauce because we didn’t have any canned stuff on hand and I honestly cannot tell you how I did it, so you’ll just have to trust your own judgement on this one! Also, make sure to check that your bread crumbs are vegan. Mine were not and I had to make some out of a few buns and a piece of rye bread.)

Vegan Banana Bread

(We substituted almond milk for soy and added walnuts!)

Tofu Scramble

Sorry this doesn’t look that amazing…tofu isn’t very photogenic!

(I like this one “okay” but E used too much cumin and our apartment, and probably the neighbor’s too, stunk for 3 solid days. 😦 )

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