In The Bag

Hello people!

Today’s post is about my beautiful, colorful, happy, giant bag o’stuff!

This is my bag:

It is big.

The ladies at work think I am nuts for carrying this thing around.

But seriously, it’s full of stuff I need and use on a daily basis!


My planner (stuffed with notes and bills and important things I need to remember), earbuds, my heart rate monitor, my Nike+ sensor (that I took off and forgot to put back on), tampons (because you should always be prepared!), Excedrin, pistachios, exotic coconut lotion, nail polish, sunscreen, a headband, keys, a BA Burrito cup, my trusty water bottle, my purse, probiotics, an ink pen, and, of course, batteries! (because, who knows!?)

Now, I don’t carry this whole thing with me when I got into Wal-Mart or anything…I’m not totally crazy. I just carry my purse. Like a normal person. I do carry this thing with me to work everyday though, and usually when I’m not at work, it is in my car…or in my living room floor. It doesn’t stray too far from me!

I love my giant, beautiful, colorful, happy bag.

And it loves me back. 🙂

And you’ll all be sorry you poked fun at me when bath salts become more popular and we all go on the run and I am the only one prepared 😉


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