Closet Vegan

(This post was originally written on June 11th)


I said it, “vegan.” It’s almost a dirty word around these parts. North East Arkansas, that is. Possibly the South in general, though I find it hard to believe that there can be that  many closed-minded people in one general area. Alas, if the fight for equal rights for LGBT’s has taught me anything, it’s that there most definitely can.

End rant.

On with the meat of the story, or lack thereof:

E and I are new vegans. Reborn, if you will. Actually, scratch that; I sound preachy! Ewww.

Any who–E has made the attempt to become a full-time vegan several times.

One time I was even a vegetarian with him for a full month!

It is day 6 of our grand vegan adventure and I have to say, I feel amazing.

Confessions of a Former Meat-eater

I will admit that I used to think it was a dumb idea.

I was a closed-minded meat-eating individual.

This time, I decided I wanted to support him in his endeavor.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

You see, in the past, E and I have almost always eaten different meals.

Like seriously, we would cook two completely different meals. He didn’t like chicken…it was “rubbery.” I loved chicken. He likes realllllllly spicy food; I do not.

We had totally different diets and it really shocked people when they heard that we didn’t eat the same dinner every night. I still think this is hilarious because even with (now) similar eating habits, we don’t always eat the same things.

Eating the same way, though, does make it more fun to cook together and grocery shop. So that is very nice.


I read up on some tips for newbies and I’ve been using them with tremendous success.

– for the first month, eat whatever you want, as long as it’s vegan.

-don’t worry about dieting for the first month. If you are worried about gaining weight, exercise.

-vegan-ize things that you love to eat. (ie. burgers, cheese, yogurt, etc. Coffee creamer was my big one.)

I like these tips.

My Feelings & Health

I would just like to say that before I started doing this, I was obsessive about tracking my calories. Seriously obsessed. I wasn’t getting nearly enough calories in a day because I knew if I went over a certain amount, I would gain weight. My metabolism was in a total rut. It still is, actually. After all, it’s only been 6 days.

6 days, and yet I can already tell a world of difference. I don’t worry about what I’m eating because I know it isn’t bad for me. I don’t worry about calories at all. Partly because it would take too damn long to list all the ingredients in the recipes we have been trying out and partly because I am just dog tired of worrying about it all the time!

My skin is looking a bazillion times more glow-y and hopefully my hair will pick up some shine from this diet change!

Weighing In

I haven’t lost any weight yet and I won’t really know if I have until the 13th of July because I am also going to make a commitment not to weigh everyday. Only once a month at work from now on. So I’ll weigh on the 13th of this month and then I won’t see new numbers again until July. Horrifying how that itself is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what veganism does for my health. I’m sure the results can only be good!


I do have some worries about being a vegan:

-what about when we visit family and friends?

Example: This weekend, we are traveling to Conway to visit our best friends. From there, the 4 of us are going to Hot Springs to eat at this place called the Bras Haus. It is a German eatery that has been super-mega-ultra hyped up by our friend, Matt. He loves this place. Being a German restaurant, I don’t think it is likely that there will be any vegan choices on the menu…which brings me to my next worry

-is it okay to be “mostly vegan” or “vegetarian/mostly vegan”

I don’t want to eat meat at all. I watched Meet Your Meat on the PETA website and started crying before they even got to the part about how cows are treated. E had to turn it off and give me tissues. Then I watched Vegucated and cried for like an hour. So I know I don’t want to eat meat. Period. But what about dairy on special occasions? Does that make me a hypocrite? I hope not. I don’t want it to. I want to practice what I’m preaching (which, technically is nothing right now, because this is a private blog post as the title indicates) but I also don’t want to be that friend that ruins the experience by not eating. Hopefully, with time, I will strike a happy medium.

-what is my mother going to say?

This one cracked me up just to type because I can just see her reaction in my mind’s eye. Don’t get me wrong, my Momma is amazingly supportive in everything I do, but even she is going to roll her eyes when I bring a box of Boca burgers to the next cookout.

-will I be able to stick with it?

I want to. (and I think that is half the battle, right?)


-I don’t want to be a pretentious vegan. You know the ones.

-I need to learn to like more vegetables.

-I aspire to someday find mushrooms palatable.

-I want to support E.

-I like that is something we can both do and have fun doing.

-I love trying new recipes!

-I really enjoy shopping and cooking with E!

-I have become obsessed with Chocolate Covered Katie.

-I would like to lose some weight as a side effect of this lifestyle change.

-Mostly I just want to be healthy.

I’ll write about the recipes we have been trying in another post soon! Soon!!

P.S. Maybe someday I will get the guts to post this publicly. After a month of success, maybe? (It will be 1 month of mostly vegan/vegetarian eating on Friday, July 6th.)


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