Summer Goal Setting

Summer has offically arrived!

E and I just got back from vacation with friends and have gone back to work this week. Photos and a comprehensive post about the goings and doings soon to come.

But back to the point of this post…

Though the past few weeks have been a flurry of stress (some good, some bad) and activity, (think finals, packing, travel, etc.) I have been thinking about how I plan on spending my free time this summer. I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t set into motion some plan of action, I will end up frittering away my entire summer vacation with nothing to show for it in the end.

There are a few things I have been wanting to do for awhile and have been putting off until I “have the time”. I think I’ve finally found that ellusive little booger! Time ain’t got nothing on me! (I have a nagging feeling I will eat those words…) So anyway, I have the time now. Classes are over until mid-August and I am still working my normal school-time hours at work. That means all that time I was devoting to procrastinating studying and going to class can now be devoted to my “Summer Goals” list!

Yes, I titled it…very creative, I know.

The goals?

Oh…you want to know what they are, do ya?

Ok! Who am I to deny you? 😉 Here ya go!

Without further ado:

Yes, that is a Frigo CheeseHeads clipboard! Perks of working at a fitness facility 😉 It came with a sweet coupon book, too! Don’t cha wish your clipboard was hot like mine?

Here’s the list in written form with a few explanations:

Allie’s Summer Goals 2012

-Lose 15 pounds (the heat should help with that…as long as the water retained in my hair doesn’t make up the difference…)

-Learn 1 full 1 hour Zumba routine

-Run 5 miles without stopping

-Save $5 per week that I workout 4 or more times & treat myself when I get to $50

-Read 25 books (Keep a list!)

-Spend 1 day per week without Facebook (Welcome Facebook-free Friday!)

-Practice cursive handwriting

-Try 1 new food item per trip to any local restaraunt where I consider myself a “regular”

-Buy those new Zumba shoes (to die for! really. they’re amazingly cute!) when I fully learn 3 songs

-Watch 1 “cult classic” movie per week (this will be limited to what Netflix has to offer and what my research on “cult classics” turns up…we will see)

-Write 1 blog post per week

-Drive to Memphis (yeah…I’m ashamed to say I’ve never driven in any city bigger than Jonesboro! Eep! Time to remedy that!)

-Visit 3 different countries (Oh snap! I already did that this summer 😉 Sometimes I like to put one thing I’ve already accomplished on my to-do list just to make myself feel like I’m ahead of the game! Hehe!)

So there it is y’all, my summer goal list! Do you have any summer goals? Leave comments!

‘Til next week! (See goal #11)


2 thoughts on “Summer Goal Setting

    • I’m all the time saying, “No…I guess I haven’t seen that one…” I need to brush up on my pop culture, I think!

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