Tom Petty & Friends

This weekend I had the pleasure of totally recharging my batteries.

E and I went to see Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers at the Verizon Arena in Little Rock. It was a really good show and I am super pumped that we got to go!

Even better than seeing Tom Petty though, was getting to see Matt & Kasey! Our long lost friends.

Ever since they moved away from Jonesboro, I’ve had a small empty spot down in the bottom of my heart. We were really happy to get to spend time with them and camp out at their house after the concert. They are the best! For real.

We stayed up until 2am talking and catching up and then we went and got coffee this morning and had lunch at Zaza’s.

Zaza’s is only the very best place to eat lunch (or brunch, or dinner) in Conway. Seriously, it’s so good. Go. There. Eat. Pizza. & Gelato. Then tell all your friends.

They are also primarily responsible for the Allie Pets Dogs concept. So you can thank them! Say, “Thank you, Matt & Kasey!”

We could’ve stayed with them for 3 weeks and it would’ve been too soon to come home! Alas, life awaited us back in Jonesboro and here we are. But I can relive the experience through all the fabulous pictures I took! So that’s pretty good.

Here are pictures from our mini-vacay:


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