St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break, & Engagement Photos

Hey y’all! It’s been awhile since last we spoke! I’ve been on spring break this past week and have been thoroughly enjoying my time off from homework and boring enlightening lectures! So nice!

Things have still been pretty busy though. I’ve been working longer hours this week to cover for my boss, who’s been on vacation. Ezra and I celebrated St. Patty’s day with his brother and some other friends.

It was definitely something to remember! …or not remember in some cases!

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I read all 3 of The Hunger Games books and we are going to see the movie today!

I tried to braid my hair like Katniss’ but it isn’t quite long enough yet. 😦

In other news, I rode a warthog at Walmart…

We also went on a little trip to Tunica, MS where we lost a small amount of money and ate greasy food. We ended up in the hotel room at midnight watching something on the weather channel…can you say, “Party animals!!” ? Yeah, no, me either.

Proof that I am the real deal! I got a stretchy card holder because I lost my card!

aaaaaand, we got our engagement pictures taken!!

Yay! They’re so cute! Since we haven’t bought any of them yet and don’t own the rights, I will direct you to our photographers website! You can view them at, just scroll down the page when you get there. I will also be sharing the link on the CHST facebook page in the near future.

So that’s what’s up right now in my world! It’s been going pretty great around here!


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