A Lot of “I” and Everything That Is Going On In My Life

Hey y’all! It’s Thursday! Thursday is my favorite day because it is the day before Friday! and Friday is the last day of the week! (On a side note, Sunday is my least favorite day because you get “the Sunday blues” from anticipating the Monday to follow.)

So on this Thursday in March, this girl is hanging out with her computer, a coke zero, a mud mask, and a First Aid Kit album on Spotify. (Seriously sounds like a good time, huh?)

Going on in my life right now is that I am changing my major. Again? Yes. This is really only the first time since I never officially changed it last time…and even though I considered it, this still only counts as the second consideration of major-changing-ness. (I made that term up.) But it’s for real. I already emailed my current advisor. Yep, bold move. I know. So there’s that going on.

I also took a Biology of Animals lab practical today. That was fun. Not really. But it is over now! I only have one more midterm and it is tomorrow so next week should be easy-breezy and then it is Spring Break! We aren’t really doing anything during Spring Break so it should be nice to just hang out and be lazy. 🙂

This weekend I am running a 5K with  my boss and a few members from Curves. It should be interesting because I have been a total slacker in the gym the past 3 weeks. We will see. I’ll be happy to be under 40 minutes. (High standards, right?)

I rescued 3 earthworms today and got to apply my recently acquired knowledge on the subject… Phylum Annelida, Class Oligochaeta. Here is a photo of one of the little buggers:

In other news…I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But you already knew that…

Seriously y’all, I’ve been telling everyone I know. Everyone. I told the receptionist at my dentist’s office. I exhausted all the members at Curves.  I even told the door greater at Walmart. Her name is Mrs. Betty and she is adorable.

So in the wedding planning spirit, I have created an account on The Knot! It is amazing in a very “Type A” kinda way. Who plans this thoroughly? Apparently I don’t! (I got a 95% for “intuition” on the Jungian types on the aforementioned aptitude test.)

So this is the link to the page if anyone would like to sign the guestbook or something like that!

I know this post was filled with a whole lot about moi, but I feel like I haven’t had a chance to catch up with anyone recently. If you would like to tell me a whole lot about you, you can visit the Facebook page and talk about yourself all day! That’s what Facebook is for, right?


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