The Second Best Decision of My Life

If you aren’t my friend on Facebook, don’t workout at Curves of Jonesboro, or are not my momma, this may come as a surprise to you!

Yesterday, Sunday, February 19th, 2012 at approximately 2pm, I made the second best decision of my life!

Saying “Yes!” when E asked me to marry him!

I know this is only my second best decision because my first best will be saying, “I do!”

It’s beautiful isn’t it? I know!

We are so excited!


The story goes like this:

After a long drive to Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Little Rock yesterday morning, we set out on the west summit trail. We had hiked the trail several times before, but this time markers 1-4 were closed for improvements, so we had to take a detour. After hiking the base trail and walking up the access road to markers 5-11, we began the hike to the summit. When we made it to the top, we climbed down to a rock over hang and sat for a little while enjoying the view and watching the birds flying around below us.

E kept anxiously checking to see who was above us on the top of the mountain. After becoming frustrated that he couldn’t get any privacy (my guess), he suggested we climb down below the overhang to sit. It was out of the sun, so I was okay with that because I was wearing my glasses and couldn’t wear sunglasses. Also because I have a burn on my forehead, from a rogue curling iron, that I didn’t want receiving any unwanted attention from UVA rays. We had not been sitting there for even 5 minutes when I began to notice how clammy his hands were and he was begin awfully strange and quite. He asked me to look at one of the birds flying around and my response, in typical Allie fashion, was, “Yep, it’s real bird-like!” (I later learned that he was attempting to distract me! Hehe!)

Then I noticed there was something sticky on his finger. (I’m guessing nature-goo from the rocks.)

So I said, “You’ve got something on your finger” as I tried to brush it off.

The next thing I knew, he was digging around in his pocket and he produced a shiny diamond ring and said, “I’ve got something for your finger. Will you marry me?”

And I said, “Yes!”

It was the second best decision of my life!

Now I can’t wait for the first!

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5 thoughts on “The Second Best Decision of My Life

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    • He’s pretty funny! I think I’ll keep him around. 😉 Thank you, it is beautiful! (I am a little biased though, hehe!)

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