Date Day & Date Night

I love the holiday season. You guys know this. One of the best parts of the holidays to me is getting to spend tons of time with E. Because he works for a school, he gets the same two week break that the teachers do. Sometimes it’s a pain because it throws my schedule out of whack a bit, but mostly it’s really nice!

This year, we both had really stressful finals and Christmas break came as a huge relief. Yesterday, marked the first day of E’s break from school and work. We celebrated by going to Memphis for a date day!

We both signed up for the Benihana’s Birthday club year before last, so every November and December we get a $30 gift certificate for a meal! It’s an awesome deal! We didn’t get to use E’s in November because we went to Texas, so we wanted to make sure and use mine for December. The food was wonderful (as usual). I had hibachi chicken E got some sushi which he lovingly shared with me. 🙂 If you have never had their Las Vegas Roll, I highly suggest it the next time you go. So. Good. I didn’t know I even liked sushi until E made me eat it the first time we went. I’m addicted now. I wish Jonesboro had one. I would have Las Vegas rolls everyday. To top off the wonderful food, it was only $8 for both of us…and that’s because my hibachi was on the lunch special and they can’t combine discounts. Sweet!

After Benihana’s, we braved the mall in search of a few last minute Christmas gifts. I guess because it was still early in the day, it wasn’t terribly busy. I didn’t hyperventilate or anything… (that really happened once on Valentine’s day. E took me to Sephora to buy new makeup as my v-day gift. I got so overwhelmed (and it was so crowded and hot) that I had to leave the store and sit in the food court for half an hour. Good story, huh?) So the mall wasn’t bad and we got what we were looking for. Success!

So that was Date Day.

Date Night is tonight. The plan is to enjoy a nice movie, pop some popcorn, make some hot coco, and hang out together. After all, today marks the start of my five day vacation from work and feels like the official start of our holiday vacation! What are we watching, you may wonder.


It wasn’t my pick. I’m much more of a Charlie Brown Christmas kinda girl, but we already watched that once and yesterday was my date day. So we are watching The Shining on our date night. Apparently it is a cult classic and I am required to see it. I’m ok with it though, as long as I  have some popcorn everything will be alright. It’s all good.

To add some fun for E on his Date Night, I decided to let him open a present early.

E really really likes beer. Specifically New Belgium’s Snow Day. He asked for beer glasses for Christmas. They’re called the Glasses that Give, because for every purchase, New Belgium donates a dollar to the charity of your choice. We (I) chose this one:

Water Stewardship – Water Keeper Alliance

  • Mission – To provide a way for communities to stand up for their right to clean water and for the wise and equitable use of water resources, both locally and globally.
  • Influences legislation to protect and maintain drinkable, fishable, swimmable waterways worldwide

Pretty nifty!

They also donate a dollar to charity whenever you post a photo of you and your beer on their Facebook page!

So when E cracked open an “adult coke” at precisely 3:30 pm, I knew I had to let him open his glasses! He was so excited to open a gift! (He has been begging me like a 5 year old for the past two weeks. “You let me last year!”) His excitement is evident:

Now I have a happy boyfriend! That’s really what this season is about, doing what you can to bring joy to others. I’m so thankful I can make him happy!

If you haven’t officially started your Christmas holiday yet, I hope your last few days are easy! My Christmas 2011 is gonna be great! I hope yours is too!


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