Good News, Bad News

Hey guys! Good new and bad news today (in case you didn’t guess from the title). Good news first: I have some upcoming posts planned! You can expect to see two more posts coming up at the end of this week or the very beginning of next. I’m going to follow up on my child free living post and also I have some more things to say about the holiday season! Now for the bad news: FINALS! The time has come for me to quit pussyfooting around and start putting in some actual effort in my classes. You know, cracking a book, cramming, consuming more coffee than was previously thought to be humanly possible…those types of things. So if you don’t hear from me til sometime after the 13th, fear not! I will emerge from underneath a pile of overpriced textbooks, note cards, crumpled study guides, coffee cups, and cheetos bags like a rising pheonix. Then I will sleep for about 24 hours. Then I will write you guys another blog post. Wish me luck!


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