Survey: Living A Child Free Lifestyle

Over the past week, I have been brainstorming ideas for a point of view speech that I have to do for my Oral Communications class. I kept trying to think of things I had experience with and I could easily research. I finally decided to speak about my pov on child free living. In order to back up my point of view and the research I have done, I have made a survey to collect more data. If you have an opinion on the subject and are so inclined, I would love for you to follow the link below and take the survey.


5 thoughts on “Survey: Living A Child Free Lifestyle

  1. You asked if we thought not having children was selfish, but you didn’t ask if we thought having them was selfish. A lot of CF people don’t have kids because of the huge carbon footprint kids have.

    • Hey Julia! You’re correct. I didn’t ask that particular question because in my speech I told about my experience with being called selfish for not wanting children. I didn’t want to send the image that I thought others were selfish for having kids. I also didn’t even go into environmental or population related aspects of the childfree lifestyle in my speech. Had I known that this survey would be getting so much attention for services other than my speech, I definitely would have include those factors! If I ever do another survey or poll concerning this, I will definitely use your input and add that question. 🙂

  2. Good survey,

    I also noticed that you didn’t ask about those who can’t have children so have made the choice to be childfree (instead of just gotten to the age or state that its not practical or the like), either though coming to terms with infertility and not being able to adopt or trying to adopt but it not working out or just plain not wishing to have children and not being able to have them.

    I know its not likely part of your talk with your class, thus it didn’t come into the picture when formulating the questions (that and it can be a whole kettle of fish to get into for many people when it comes to the topic of infertility and or adoption as an option, which can side track a topic to various degrees).


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