Busting At The Seams, Literally

To take a note from Rob Lowe, I am LITERALLY busting at the seams with Christmas spirit! Seriously, I am currently listening to Vitamin String Quartet does Christmas. I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet. That fact has been brought to my attention repeatedly as I keep trying to persuade E to let me start decorating. That would be a definite, “NO!” I know the rules of our little home. No Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time. Yada yada yada.

I am desperately trying to find an outlet for my Christmas spirit. Sooooo, I have been fiddling around on my computer working on some pre-christmas gifts for my best friends and family. I have been trying to resist telling them because part of me wants to make it a surprise but part of me wants to tell the whole world! The gifts are ridiculously cute. I am in love with the idea. Maybe I will share after I get one of them totally finished.

On top of that, I think having my spirit all pent up is only leading up to a Christmas decorating explosion in the coming week. (Think Saturday after Thanksgiving!) I normally don’t do too much in the way of decorating for the holidays. Last year we had a tree, a paper chain, cinnamon ornaments, and I think maybe a wreath. So really, not that much. This year however, with the introduction of pinterest to my life…

…I’m sorry! I got distracted by new pins!

Anyway, as I was saying, with the introduction to the site which must not be name, I have all kinds of Christmas decorating ideas! This year I know we are doing a multi-color theme. E wants to string some of those huge multi-color lights somewhere in our apartment which is exciting to me because I intend to make a ribbon garland with them. If you don’t know what a ribbon garland is, you can check it out here. Maybe I will do plain lights and decorate our headboard similarly to the one in the tutorial and we can string the big lights in the breezeway between rooms. So many options! I also have plans to make an ornament wreath for our door. (Also a pinterest find!) I think I may make another paper chain as well.

I still haven’t decided what kind of decorating I want to do in the kitchen and bathroom. I also need to come up some ideas for the outdoor area aside from the wreath. Maybe I’ll wrap my elephant ears in lights. With the weather we are having this year, they will probably still be standing tall.

I foresee many trips to Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby in my very near future!

If anyone has any ideas for Christmas decorating or is just seriously about to bust at the seams as well, leave a comment! I’d love nothing more than to hear from you!


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