Feel for Lumps, Check Your Bumps

As I mentioned earlier, today was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Mid-South division in Memphis, TN. It was both a fun and touching experience. So many people coming together to show their support for a great cause is always amazing to me.

Getting There

We, of course, had a blast! We had an annual girl’s pumpkin carving/decorating party last night so it was a wonder I managed to pry myself out of bed at 5:45 this morning, though I should be used to it by now. The race started at 8am, so we had to be on the road by 6:30ish. We did pretty good being on time! (amazingly enough!) Kasey’s crazy gps, Lola (she is British), led us to pretty much the correct location. Thanks to our savvy navigating skills and a wee bit of luck, we managed to score supreme parking that was less than 3 blocks from the starting point.

We ended up starting at around 8:15 which was no big deal because the group was so large. What was so crazy was that the runners were finishing right after we started! That is a 20 minute 5K! I can only dream of a run time like that… I would probably have to take up running though. Meh.

HELP! We Need a Cure!

Some of the best parts of the walk were the participants in the yard decorating contest. One lady had huge speakers plugged up outside her house and she was blasting music from Rocky. It was great! Also along the way we saw an Eagle mascot, Elvis on the rooftop, The Beatles, and various superheroes. Not to mention all the great volunteers that cheered on the race participants.

The Beatles & Rooftop Elvis showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness

It was touching to see all the people who care, from cancer survivors and their families to husbands walking in memory of their wife to neighbors showing their support by acting as cheerleaders. I was very happy that I had the opportunity to be one of those people and that I got to participate with some of the best people I know and I know I will continue to show my support in the future.

Cancer is something that hits close to home no matter who you are. We are making strides. We are racing for the cure. You can help.

If you are interested in showing your support for the Susan G. Komen foundation, you can click here.


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