The Results Are In -Are You A Crunchy Betty Poll Results

Curious minds want to know: What were the answers for the “other” category in the “Are You A Crunchy Betty” weekly poll! Here we go:

  • I’m semi-crunchy, AND I make my own toothpaste!
  • I’m hoping to jump in with both feet at some point but for now mostly reading.
  • I’m learning new things, but not been at this long enough to claim semi – crunch
  • I am almost super-crunchy… have yet to make my own toothpaste, though. 😉

(Whoever wrote that last one, I like you! Now why didn’t I think to include that answer? 😉  )

Sounds good guys!

Mostly people answered: I am semi-crunchy. I like learning new things, but I’m not hardcore.

In second place: I’m super crunchy, I even make my own toothpaste!

I am proud to announce that not a single soul answered with: What is a Crunchy Betty?

Maybe weeping tears of joy would be a bit mellow-dramatic? Probably so…

Thanks for all your answers! I now know for sure that I have wonderful and “crunchy” readers!


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