My New Favorite Book

I’m almost 21 years old and since I was in the 4th grade, I have probably read over 1,000 books. I love to read anything and everything. I have spent 30 minutes longer in the bath than I meant to because I got caught up in reading the shampoo and conditioner labels. Strange? …maybe.

When the book, The Help, first came out, I read an excerpt online and I knew immediately that I wanted to read it. A year later, after the movie had already come out, I finally got the chance. I stayed on the library’s wait list for a good month and a half before I got to pick up my copy. I picked it up on Wednesday afternoon with much excitement and anticipation.

My excitement when I picked up my copy from the library.

Today, I finished what I can only say is my new favorite book.

Written about a dangerously revolutionary time, The Help is honest and brave even in a new age. It is relative on so many levels.

It is so inspiring and tugs on the corner of my heart so hard that I feel like I can’t possibly do anything of relative consequence for at least the next week. I love that feeling. The feeling of knowing that something has touched me so deeply that I will never forget it. If you have never had this relationship with a book, I honestly don’t know how to make you understand. I told my friends and family, “I just finished reading The Help. I just boo-hoo’d. If I never learn another thing from a book in my life, I’ll be ok with it.” I honestly will.


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