Scaling Back

Times are tough. It’s 6 a.m. You haven’t eaten breakfast yet. You just peed. The scale is staring you down from across the room. It knows. It beckons you.

“Come on…It won’t hurt…You’re the lightest you’re going to be all day…Who cares that we just did this yesterday…No one will know!”

At least, that’s what it says to me. So, I weigh myself. Every stinking morning. Then I track my weight on livestrong. Every. Single. Morning.

And guess what? It’s a borderline obsession and it’s depressing!! Not in the respect that if I lost weight or gained it, but in the respect that my mood hinges so precariously on what that little hunk of metal and wires tells me! Who wants to feel like crap all day because of an inanimate objects? Not me.

So, if you are a fellow serial-weigher (You like how I made that up?), I am issuing a challenge.

I am going to stop weighing myself every day. I am going to keep working out, keep eating healthy, and I AM NOT going to weigh myself everyday. (I had to say it twice so I could convince myself…) As a matter of fact, I am going to cut down to once a week.

I’m tired of relying on the scale to tell me how I feel about my body. I believe, we should be able to tell by the way we feel and the way our clothes fit, how well we are doing in our journey to fitter, leaner bodies.

Like Somerset Maugham said, “The unfortunate thing about this world is that good habits are so much easier to give up than bad ones.”

Weighing everyday is a bad habit. Time to say, “Adiós, Escala.”


2 thoughts on “Scaling Back

  1. Why do you do the splits when you scream “NOOOOO!!!” at your scale? Is this an evolved behavior to avoid placing all of your body weight on the scale at one time?

    • I just do the splits when I do everything… I’m training for the Olympics and everyone knows Olympian splitters scream at their scale 😉

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