Mysterious Melons

My friends, Heather and Kasey, and I had girl’s night last night, and it was a definite success!

(From Left to Right: Heather, Kasey, me)

We cooked dinner. (Kabobs on the grill, spinach & cucumber salad (Heather), stuffed zucchini (Me), and the best fruit salad I’ve ever eaten (Kasey).) Get this, she puts peach pie filling over her fruit salad to sweeten it! Pie filling! Who woulda thought?

I regretfully forgot to take pictures of the yumminess. What can I say? I was distracted by the concept of pie filling in fruit salad!

Then we talked about our boyfriends for a bit. This was generally along the lines of: (a)Why can’t men load the dishwasher/make the bed? (b)Why is Heather’s bf so paranoid? (c) How much longer do we have to wait for a diamond? -Ya know? The usual.

Then we painted our toes!

Then we painted Sugar Sue’s toes!

And we put a flower on one of them!

Actually Heather painted them, I just rubbed her belly so she would stay still. After we got done she kept licking them trying to get the polish off!

It was during all this fun that we discovered the mystery melons. Actually Kasey and I discovered them. I saw them on my way to the door, but I didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t until Kasey asked Heather if she grew them, that we realized they were mysterious. Heather didn’t grow them. She didn’t buy them, and after a phone call we found out that her bf didn’t either. So where the heck did the melons come from? Of course, paranoid bf told us not to eat them because we didn’t know how they got there.

Naturally, taking his advice, we split them up. I took one, Kasey took one, and Heather kept one, the funny shaped one…

Mine was really heavy and looked really ripe. When I got home though, I found it had a knife stab in it, so E, semi-paranoid bf, told me I could eat it, but he wasn’t. How chivalrous. I decided maybe he was right, so we just set it outside on the patio for the night and he googled watermelon pranks…

This morning the case of the mysterious melons came to a close. Turns out, Heather’s dad dropped them off last night. Kind of anti-climatic, I know. No watermelon bombs, and it isn’t even poisoned!

On the bright side, I now have a giant watermelon that looks super ripe and I couldn’t be more excited! I guess we should just have a little more faith. As unfair as life can be (I’m still a little upset over my fat lip…), maybe it doesn’t always rip you off after all.


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