Not For Sissies

It’s too hot. I don’t know how to workout. I don’t have a place to workout. I don’t have the motivation.

These are excuses I hear on a daily basis. I work with women who are trying to lose weight and become healthier almost every single day. When I say work with, I technically mean “coach.” I’m a Curves Circuit Coach at the Curves location in Jonesboro, AR and I love my job more than I love chocolate. And that is A LOT.

However, sometimes these women are right. It IS too hot to workout outside. They don’t really know how to work out. Everyone needs motivation! When I sign someone up at work, they lose all those excuses. They have an air-conditioned facility, they have a coach to keep them on track with their workout, and they have a safe place to workout and gain confidence in their bodies.

This is the story of how I found myself working at Curves:

I joined Curves as a high school junior after a summer with my Meemaw. (Let’s face it, how can you NOT gain weight when your grandmother force feeds you fried chicken and mashed potatoes every other day?) The women running the show were strong and encouraging and willing to help however they could. I couldn’t even sign up with out the consent of a guardian. I had to go home and have my Meemaw sign my forms and then I went immediately back so I could start right away! I was excited! Thanks to the motivation of the coaches, that excitement never faded. I went and worked out every day after I got home from school and paid my monthly dues out of my allowance.  I learned about healthy eating and making good choices for my body. I lost baby fat and gained higher self-esteem. Curves became more than just a workout to me. It was my favorite 30 minutes of the day. I would stay longer than the circuit lasted just so I could soak up the wisdom of the women who were working out at the same time as me.

I still soak up their wisdom. This time it is three and a half years later and I am a college sophomore and an employee at one of my favorite places on Earth! My excitement for working out and eating right has wavered from time to time, but the beauty of working with and around lots of strong confident women is that you always have someone to turn to when things get tough. I firmly believe that Curves changed my life starting in high school and it continues to shape me now.

Curves is for every woman who needs 30 minutes to themselves. For every woman who needs to de-stress. For every woman who needs a pick-me-up on a bad day. For those times when you don’t really even want to workout, but you want to see a smiling face. Curves is for every woman. Young. Old. Fat. Skinny. White. Black. Weak. Strong. Curves may be for all of us, but Curves is not for sissies. And that’s fine, because we aren’t sissies. When then the going gets tough, the women of Curves keep going!


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