Juicing, And I Don’t Mean Steroids

Growing up in small town Arkansas doesn’t leave a lot of room for life experience, except in terms of fried food, above ground pools, and farm chemicals. Most of the things I learned about the world up until about a year ago, came from the library and my imagination. That being said, I have never had “real” juice. The good stuff. The stuff without high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors.

A little less than a week ago, we began our journey into the world of juicing. And when I say “we,”  I mean E, the boyfriend I mentioned in my first post. He is the guinea pig.

The inspiration behind this whole scheme is the Joe Cross film, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  We watched it on a whim one weekend from our Netflix queue. It set us on the path of juicing.

So we made a trip to our local Bed, Bath, & Beyond and we (E) bought a juicer. A Breville Juice Fountain Plus to be precise. It is pretty much amazing.

Like I said though, I had not until this past week, ever tried “real” juice. I. Love. It. Aside from having to clean the juicer every single time you make juice, (This should tell you how lazy I really am.) it is wonderful. So far my favorite juice is carrot and orange. I just can’t seem to get into the green juice although I am trying desperately.

E, on the other hand, is a juicing machine. He has been doing the fast as described in the film. So far he has lost 9.6 pounds and says he isn’t even hungry. Not physically anyway. Mentally, in a moment of near weakness, he has already expressed his want for a grilled cheese pizza. Yes. You heard that correctly. Grilled. Cheese. Pizza. I’m thinking it must be severely mentally taxing to make someone want a grilled cheese pizza.

What I’ve learned from this so far is that real juice is better than “fake” juice regarding both taste and nutrition and that if all you take in is juice, you will crave both strange and wonderful things. We will see how it goes!


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