Banana Nice Cream

I don’t know if you guys know this, but July is National Ice Cream month! We are over halfway through one of the should-be most celebrated months of the year!

I have been showing my ice cream support one pint at a time. Some might say my support comes in many different flavors. It is also starting to come in the form of too tight yoga pants. (And it’s saying something when even yoga pants are getting snug!)

So…in an attempt to undo the damage and still get a handle on my sweet tooth, I have been experimenting with Banana Nice Cream. It is essentially the same texture as ice cream while a little banana-y-er and a lot healthier.

For Banana Nice Cream you will need:

Bananas (Number varies on how many servings you want to make. Note: This needs to be served immediately after making.)

Cutting utensil

Food processor or blender.

Here we go:
-Cut up bananas into bite sized slices.
-Freeze them until solid. (But not for more than a few hours!)
-Throw ’em into your blending device and let it do its thing until the bananas are creamy.
-Serve with chopped up nuts or sugar free chocolate syrup. (…SF in an effort not to undo the good we are doing because we are trying to undo the bad we already did! Whew!!)

That’s it! Banana Nice Cream! Ta-da!



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